Visual content: Several types you can add in blog posts and pdfs

Visual content is essential to stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

You may feel the situation of choosing which image to choose for blogs, blog posts, paragraphs, presentations, etc., .Your visual content plays a vital role in your blog posts, presentation, web pages, etc., where you use images and other visuals.

Visual content is not limited to images only. It includes pictures, diagrams, charts, graphs, screenshots, memes, etc., which give some information or data to a person. You will be thinking of does visual content make any difference?

Well, it does.

Humans are better at grabbing information from visuals than written content. 

Scientific researchers have shown that images are an excellent way to attract people because they strike the brain.

Our brain’s functionality is better at remembering the images and pictures than the wordy content. So you should use an image to the pdf that you will present in front of a client or any other person.

It is essential to know that images have a vital role in the success of your blogs.

Nowadays, it is necessary to have a good common over adobe photoshop, Corel draws, etc., where you can edit visual content like images. Now I will present types of various visual content you can try in your blog posts and pdfs.

Data-driven visuals-

  • You should start creating data-driven visuals if you want to be a successful leader in your industry and field. Data-driven visuals are those which have information and data in an image. For example, you can add a data-driven image to pdf file because your audience is better at getting messages and information from the image than wordy content.
  • Most people ignore the pdf and blog posts that are only content-based, but it will become more appealing if you add visuals. The reader will feel like reading and have attention to it. In a research, it is found that the articles with data-driven visuals are on the above rank than content-based ones. 
  • In addition, you should use graphs and charts in your blog posts so that your audience can grasp your message more easily than with texts. It is suggested to use the latest data and information in the images.


  • If you want to expand your content marketing reach, influencer marketing would be an excellent strategy for you effectively. By creating an image by collaborating with an influencer, you will have more ideas. 
  • In addition, you can create a memorable image that you can use in your blog posts. Moreover, you can add quote image to pdf file for introduction purposes.
  • Nowadays, people love to read quotes and get attracted to quote images. Therefore, while adding the quote images in your blog post, try to make it effective and bold so that people can easily read it.


  • Infographics are great visuals you can add to your blog posts. By using infographics, you can drive traffic and get more social media shares. An infographic helps you in enhancing your reach and creating brand awareness. It would be best to use only those user-friendly infographics, which means a user can easily read and get their information.
  • Moreover, if you are a marketer, you can add an infographic image to pdf files regarding products and services because it is more beneficial in transferring your message to the client than words. It will result in getting the conversions.
  • It would be best to do hard work regarding infographic visuals because it requires you to research, invest time in it, and frame the information you have collected.


Gifographics are another form of infographics. The significant difference is that gifographics are animated forms of infographics. GIF refers to Graphics Interchange Format. It is a file type that is both animated and static images that work better on the web.

In research, it is discovered that the posts with gifographics got more social media shares than those without gifographics. You can use various gifs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media platforms.

Gifographics combine the power of infographics to be more likely to be liked and shared by the audience. As a result, infographics are more engaging and result in a higher retention rate of clients.


GIFs can be a way to make your content different from others. Some marketers are not in favor of using GIFs in the blog posts, but researchers are suggesting using gifs because gifs can:

  • Gifs can provide a professional vibe that your business is in favor of understanding internet trends.
  • Easy to share on social media and convenient to  consume the information
  • Gifs can convey emotions and feelings
  • Gifs show the human side of your brand.


  • Videos play a critical role if you add them to your blog post or in content. It is an effective way of putting across a message and understands the audience about your emotions.
  • You need to create a video using online video editor for a blog post that can be understandable and convey your message to the audience. 
  • For example, if you are a marketer, you can present a video on how your product can fulfill the needs of consumers and how to convey your message. Videos are good at impactful understanding.


  • Screenshots are a very convenient way of creating visuals for your blog posts. You can prepare an explanation of the screenshot images you added in the blog posts. In addition, you can insert arrows, adding texts and basic shapes, which will help you understand the audience about what you want to convey.


  • To lighten the audience’s mood, you can add a meme that will help you stand out from the competitors. It makes your blog post and pdf more exciting and will grab the attention of an audience. Funny images have the power to make relax a person. 
  • Memes are a good source of humor that will stick your audience to the content you are serving in front of them. If your audience can feel relatable, your content will get more shares on social media.