Using a Free Word Count Tool to improve your word usage

What would you say if I told you there is a free word count tool that tells you the benefits of improving your word usage? Well, believe it or not but there actually is. In this article, you will discover the benefits of increasing your word usage. How can such a tool be free?

Social Media: As we all know social media plays a big role when it comes to internet marketing. It is true that social media has become a huge part of people’s life. However, not many people know that this same tool can greatly help those who are trying to write-up a social media post. With the free word count tool, you will be able to easily track how many times your post was shared on different social media sites.

Font Family Style: One benefit of using a word counter tool is the fact that it tracks the changes in the fonts used in your posts. The font family style option allows you to choose from a wide range of fonts to use in each post. You can either choose the common fonts or opt for a more unique type of font. This in turn affects the arrangement of your text in the content.

Font Size: As mentioned earlier, this is one of the main benefits of using an online word counter. This is because you will be able to determine the actual size of each piece of text. Many people often make the mistake of using a font size that is too small to present their information effectively. There is a setting in your online word counter that allows you to set the font size so that it always looks as clear as possible.

Number of Characters: The character count is another important factor you should check while choosing a free word count program for your blog or website. You need to check how many characters per line you want your site to display. If you have less characters in each line, it’s obvious that your blog will look shorter and also prone to making many mistakes.

Overall, a word counter is very important to read as well as to use when working on a word count for your website. It allows you to reduce the time it takes for you to read through every post and make sure that the contents are easy to understand. If you know what your reading level is, you should also take advantage of a word counter. You can either choose a word counter, which provides you with a relative reading level for every post or use a general word counter that counts down from the number of characters remaining in a line. The choice is yours and the choice would help you get more organized sooner.