4 Innovative File Tools to Promote Your Work Efficiency and Productivity

Most people working in the company office usually find it stressful and demanding to deal with various electronic files. It’s always true, especially when you’re not doing it correctly with the use of proper tools. That’s why even the most straightforward procedure of converting your documents to other file formats can be so challenging to complete. Besides that, you’ll surely find it difficult to protect your PDF files with a password if you’re not utilizing the right tools.  

Hence, if you’re one of those who struggle with file-related tasks at work, it might be the perfect time for you to explore the popular platform of PDFBear. It’s a website that will provide you with various file tools for free. These tools will significantly help automate every process in completing your work tasks that deal with electronic files. With that, here’s the list of a few helpful file tools of PDFBear that you can take advantage of any time you need one. Check the features of these innovative file tools and discover how they can help promote your work efficiency and productivity. 

Online Repair PDF Kit for Damaged Files

First on the list is the repair PDF tool of PDFBear. If you’ve been using PDF files for a long time, you surely have experienced that your files get damaged or corrupted. It’s because there’s a lot of computer malware and viruses that may cause damage to your files, both online and offline. It’ll surely be a big problem, especially when you urgently need the information that those corrupted PDFs contain. 

Hence, PDFBear will give you free access to its repair PDF tool to help you fix your files. However, you may encounter some files that may be impossible to repair and make them usable again. It’s due to the severity of the damage caused by the malware or computer virus. But, for those you can still fix, the PDFBear repair kit is a perfect option available you can find online. On top of that, the process is quick, helping you maximize your time and effort. 

File Converter for Quick File Conversions

Next on the list is the file converter of PDFBear. If you need a particular file format from the existing files you have on the desktop or laptop you’re using in the office at work, you’ll surely need an effective file tool to help you with the file conversion process. Besides that, the procedure is also fast and won’t consume so much of your time. 

Hence, if you usually use Excel spreadsheets to save important data and information in your department, make them more reliable and easier to access and share with other computer units by converting them to PDF format. Besides that, you can also do the same thing with your other files, like documents, presentations, JPG, HTML, and many others. 

eSign PDF Tool for Digital Signatures

Some electronic documents in any company need signatures from the CEOs and other people with managerial positions. It’s to make sure that these documents are authentic and valid. However, you may find it difficult to affix their signatures on the documents if you’re using PDFs. It’s because it’s not like using a printed paper that you can easily grab a pen and sign on it. 

Because of that, PDFBear designed a particular tool to solve this problem. It’s the eSign PDF tool that you can access on its website, and you can also use it for free. By simply uploading your PDFs online, you can then grab your computer mouse or use the touchpad to input your signature directly on a particular PDF document manually. After that, download it to your drive and use it accordingly. 

Protect PDF Tool for the Safety of Your Files

One common problem when using PDF files is when someone else accesses and uses them without you knowing it. It’ll surely result in a big problem, especially if those PDFs have confidential company data and information. Hence, to avoid these possible issues in the future, you have to protect your PDFs with a safe password.

With that, PDFBear can be an immense help for you. It has another file tool that will allow you to activate a password you want in your PDF files. You can access the PDF protection tool on its website for free. You only have to create a particular password that’s not easy to decode but you can easily remember. It should have a combination of different letters, numbers, and other special characters of your choosing. Within a few minutes, your PDFs become safe from any unauthorized access in the future. Just make sure to only share the password with those you’ve permitted to use the files. 


The list of file tools discussed above is only a few of those you can find on the PDFBear website. You can visit the site now to explore other helpful tools you can use at work. However, if you haven’t tried any of them yet, it may be your time today to check other options that will significantly help you become more efficient and productive in dealing with your everyday file-related tasks as part of your job description in the company you’re working for right now.