Save Your Word Documents Into A Non-Editable Document (PDF). Why?

There are numerous document formats out there but Word and PDF seem to be the most extensively used. However, pdf files are more preferred as compared to word files in many situations. PDF files are universal and it is possible to use them on all platforms whether it is Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android, unlike Word that may not work appropriately on Mac systems. 

PDF format is far much better as it is possible to convert pdf to word or word to pdf. Other important reasons to save word documents into a non-editable format are as follows:

 ● PDF files are Portable

The PDF file format is easily portable. It is possible to transfer or move the files around without having to worry about any dependencies. Once the documents are saved as a PDF file, they can be effortlessly shared with anyone and the fonts, images, tables, and formatting contained in the file will remain intact. However, you can convert pdf to word for easy and safe transfer. A pdf to word converter helps you change a pdf file into a word within a few seconds.

 ● Shows Universal Compatibility

The pdf file format has seen wide-ranging support in all kinds of apps today. How many sophisticated browsers are fully capable of opening and displaying PDF files, and most contemporary operating systems come up with elementary pre-installed apps to open PDF files with comfort. So the same PDF file can work on different systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux and look the same way. 
● PDF File is more Reliable

The PDF file format is more reliable as compared to the word file. When you create a PDF file containing any amount of data such as long passages, imageries, vector pictures, tablets, etc., it will always display that data, in the same way, no matter where the reader is viewing it. PDF is considered a reliable file format to export documents that you want to share with others or publish openly so that the data you want to transport is conveyed in the same way as it was planned to.

● Ease of Making

One of the chief reasons for the approval of the PDF format today is the ease of its making. A vast majority of apps allow you to save a word file as a PDF as well as share or transfer the PDF file anywhere with ease. Even while using Microsoft’s Word, Excel, or PowerPoint apps, it becomes easy to export documents as PDF format on Mac and later read them in any PDF reader software without facing any difficulty.

 ● PDF Files are more Secure 

Pdf files allow you to secure documents with a password so that the contents can be protected from anyone who is not lawful to see it. Once a PDF file becomes password-protected, it can only be watched if you enter the right password. Once the file is viewed by the authorized person, it can be securely transferred over email or different messaging apps. In addition, there is an option to remove a password from a PDF file if as long as a user remembers the original password for it.

● Reduced file size

The PDF file format allows decreasing the file size by lowering its quality. If someone is working with a PDF file that is particularly long and comprises lots of images and graphs in it, they might run into problems while sharing the file. In such cases, it is possible to lower the quality of PDF files and make the file size significantly lesser. This is particularly beneficial as a student when you’ve worked on the school project for numerous months, but are incapable of getting feedback on submission because you can’t share it due to its huge size. 
● Professionalism

One of the best things about PDF format is it looks more professional. People usually share their legal documents or resumes in pdf formats. A pdf file can be assessed everywhere even without the slightest changes in the formatting system. It is possible to save different designs and colors in pdf to give a more enhanced and professional look in different scenarios as per needs and requirements. In addition, essential links and relevant videos can also be incorporated without the slightest changes.

How to Save Word Documents into PDF?

A word to pdf converter helps to save documents into pdf formats whenever needed. Such converters are available all over the web and convert Docx to pdf quickly. A word to pdf converter can easily convert word file to pdf without disturbing the file format and other settings. A doc to pdf converter is the most suitable option for students as well as companies who have a low budget to make their documents look more professional. In addition, a pdf to word converter helps to go back to the word format whenever there is a need to add or delete something from the document. 


Go ahead and embrace PDFs as it is one of the most multipurpose, widespread, and feature-rich file formats in use.