How to Style Up Your Laptop

Laptops all tend to look rather similar, unlike a gaming PC with cool lights. If you have recently bought a grey laptop and would like it to stand out and better represent your style choices, we have some excellent tips for you.

Buy a Colored Laptop

One way to have a laptop that looks a bit different is to buy one that’s not standard black. Laptops are available in other colors. For example, if black is not your color, look at silver laptops instead, like the Lenovo Yogi 9i. There are also red laptops, like the Asus Chromebook, and blue laptops, like the blue range from HP. 

Shop around and see what colors are available. You might be surprised at the choices you have!

Laptop Skins and Cases

It is easy to customize a smartphone with a case. Most people buy a case at the same time as they purchase a phone since it is a good way to protect the glass and keep the phone free of surface scratches. The good news is that you can adopt the same approach with a laptop. 

Laptop cases are a hard shell, which offers greater protection than a laptop skin. If you like to carry your laptop around in a bag, take it on public transport and to college or school, a hard shell is a good investment. It might protect your precious laptop from knocks and drops. They are available in loads of different designs. 

Laptop skins are more of an aesthetic change than a practical one, as they don’t offer any protection. They do, however, look great and can be bought as a custom order if you have a specific design in mind. You can even make your own custom skin with sticker paper and a printer.

Laptop Decals

Using decals is another quick and easy way to personalize your laptop. Laptop decals are typically made from vinyl and can be removed once you get sick of the design. They are better than stickers for this reason. 

You can buy decals from many different sellers on sites like Etsy and eBay. Shop around for the designs you like and have fun styling up your laptop. Remember that any lettering must be positioned upside down on the laptop lid, or nobody will be able to read it other than you. 

Painting Your Laptop

Laptops can be painted if you have an artistic flair. Choose a paint that is suitable for your laptop’s material since regular paint won’t be suitable for metal or plastic. 

Have a design ready before you begin. Next, use some sandpaper to create some abrasion on the laptop’s surface. This helps the paint stick. Apply 2-3 base coats of paint and then begin painting your main design. Craft materials can be used to create extra texture and enhance the design. Things like plastic tiles, sequins, and glitter are all ideal. Make sure you choose a suitable glue, e.g., epoxy resin is ideal for a plastic case. Once your design is complete, add a layer of spray varnish to protect it. 

Have fun personalizing your laptop. Not only will it look amazing, but thieves will be less likely to steal it.