How to fix [pii_email_a273c8571f360d10607a] Error?

While Microsoft Office is adept in facilitating enhanced connectivity and security for all Microsoft users, it is prone to quite a few errors including the Error.

This particular error might appear due to several reasons including glitch in the installation process, interference from other viable email accounts of the user, and even when the version of Outlook in the user’s device is outdated and is no longer supported.

Before going into detailed fixes for this error, here are some simple methods you can try based on the reason that might be causing this error to show:

Upgrade to the new version Microsoft Outlook

if the outdated version is causing this error.

Using the outdated version might cause more problems and possibly affect your other email accounts. Thus, uninstall your older version and download and install the new one.

Instead of the Microsoft Outlook application, use the web-based version instead.

If you have multiple accounts logged in Microsoft, try logging out from all of them, clear all the caches and log in to your account again.

If these methods solve the error and it continues to persist, here are some detailed methods that you can try.