Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels Ads

Widely adopted as a photo-sharing social media application, Instagram enjoys billions of users worldwide. This unique platform has amazing applications that provide ample support for the users to upload, edit, share, comment, and download photos and short videos. In short, Instagram is the best platform to showcase someone’s personal and professional life with the help of photos and short videos.

Instagram comes a long way to satisfy its existing users and attract new users. It has multiple engaging features that attract users, and Instagram Reels is one of them. However, some people say that Instagram Reels is like TikTok, but still, several differences can be found between the two applications.

Instagram Reels has succeeded to tap a high customer base with its landmark 15-30 second-long multi-clip videos. Not only to showcase personal life or views, but these videos are an ideal way to use professionally for brand promotion.

Instagram has been used as a potential platform to advertise the product and service by the business. Still, after the induction of IG Reels, many marketing strategists found this as the most incredible way to advertise their products. As a brand owner, if you want to know about IG Reels and how to promote your brand, this article is for you.

Instagram reels ads- How is it effective? 

The induction of Instagram Reels opened a plethora of marketing options for businesses. Today, brands opt for this method to advertise their products to new and existing customers. Instagram users have unlimited access to Reels, and they can create as many videos as they want. Most of the videos come up from such accounts that they don’t follow but post similar content to suit their interests. In this way, Instagram Reels added another dimension to market the products or services of the brand to global audiences.

Many random visitors become potential customers after seeing Instagram Reels of the brand. And, the numbers grow speedily afterwards. According to the statistics, Reels ads will reach almost 928 million Instagram users in 2020, close to 1 billion marks.

Crucial features to note about the Instagram reels ads

Below are listed a few of the vital features if you want to make 

Reels ads.

  1. Instagram Reels ads share very similarities with Instagram Stories. They both display vertical full-screen videos.
  2. They appear with non-sponsored Reels videos, but the Reel Ads have a “Sponsored” mark. 
  3. Instagram users are free to share, comment, save, and like the Reels videos.
  4. Instagram Reels videos mainly appear in loops.

Where to watch the Instagram reels ads?

· The reels tab can be found at the top of the Instagram home screen of the app.

· Reels can also be found in the feeds of users.

· Instagram Explore is also another space where you can find the Reels ads.

Reels ads also appear on the main page of Instagram, just like the TikTok videos. However, these ads can be seen in a loop.

How to Use Instagram Reels?

These steps will let you know to use and edit the Instagram Reels ads.

Follow these steps to create Instagram Reels ads.

  • To launch the IG Reels, you can open the Instagram app and look for the navigation bar. Find the film clapper icon on the navigation bar and press on it. It will launch the IG Reels.
  • If you want to browse the feed, swipe the page to the top of the screen from the lower part. Reels will be visible from the recommended channels in this way.
  • Select the camera icon that is now visible in the upper part of the screen. It is also possible to directly make a new post from the Home Feed page. You can do that by tapping on the plus-sign icon on the home screen.
  • When the creator tab opens, you can record the video directly with your camera or smartphone. You can press down on the round button in the middle to do this. To pause the video recording, you can move the finger away and if you want to start that again, tap on it.
  • If you want to change the camera settings, go through the settings icon located at the left of the screen.
  • When you want to save the recorded Reels, go on the setting of Reels and tap on the “Save your Reels to device” option. The created Reels will be instantly saved in the library when you publish them.

How can Instagram Reels be used for Brand Promotion?

Instagram Reels can be used to promote the brand. Here is how you can do it.

Create content to educate the audience about the brand

Brands should know their audience before creating the ads in the Instagram Reels. If the customers don’t find anything interesting in your content, chances are they may stay away from the brand. The intent of the content shouldn’t be only to entertain the audience; rather, it should infuse information regarding the brand and the product.

Mind the time while creating ads

The time limit for each Instagram Reels is 30 seconds. While creating ads, keep this time frame in mind and create such an ad that will positively impact the audience within this time limit. Therefore, it is important to plan properly before creating these ads. 

Add text and audio

A video will be more lively and informative with proper induction of text and audio. Audio plays a crucial role in attracting the viewers’ attention in the first place, and it helps to hold the interest. Therefore, selecting the right kind of audio in the video is important. Including texts is also a great idea to reach the video to different viewers. People who are not comfortable with the audio or the language used in the video; can read the text and get an idea about the brand.

Wrap Up

Instagram Reels have emerged as a powerful marketing tool. Businesses should take advantage of this platform and try out new reel videos.