A comparison between those dab rigs and bongs

Dabbing is a method of consuming marijuana that involves using cannabis concentrates such as wax or oil. The procedure entails using a blowtorch to heat a nail. When wax or oil is put to the heated nail, the wax or oil rises to the top of the nail, generating pure vapor. To achieve the ideal vaping experience, the user inhales the smoke. The banger attaches to the downstream of the dab rig and is a sort of bowl, which is another option. The concentration is added after the dish has been heated. 

A cap is frequently placed on top of the bowl to regulate airflow and allow the vapor to be pulled more quickly through the water pipe as you inhale. Dry flower, such as tobacco or cannabis, is smoked in bongs. For a steady burn, be sure to ground the plant material evenly. After that, the ground-up plant is placed in a bowl that is linked to the bong. When the bong is lit, the smoker may pull the smoke through it, which filters it through water, eliminating contaminants and chilling it for a smoother hit. 

Both bongs and dab rigs may be used to ingest cannabis, although in different ways. Bongs are designed to be used with dried flowers, while dab rigs are made to be used with concentrates and wax. The use of bongs is based on combustion. The smoke is breathed when the plant material is ignited with a lighter. Heat is used on oil rigs to evaporate waxy concentrates, which are subsequently lighted. This is often done using a torch, which leads us to the next point: make sure you’re using the correct attachment. The more time it takes someone to create something, the more expensive it is. 

The more complicated it is, the higher the cost. It’s very straightforward. Overall, a bong and a dab rig of similar size, thickness, and functionality would likely cost approximately. As you might expect, ceramic, plastic, and silicone bongs are generally less expensive than glass dab rigs. Bongs and dab rigs are often about the same price, and you can quickly get nice ones in the $50-$150 range. 

Percolation might lower the strength of your dab if you do it too much. If the oil vapor comes into touch with too much water, the efficacy of your strike will be reduced. That’s why most high-end dab rigs only have one percolator. 

Bongs, on the other hand, take advantage of as much percolation as possible! From diffused downstems to triple-stacked honeycomb perc, each degree of filtration makes herb smoke more relaxed and smoother. The smoke produced by combustion will not lose potency, taste, or smokability no matter how many percolators are stacked in a bong. 

Are Bongs More Effective Than Dab Rigs? 

This is entirely up to your choice. Some prefer taller, beefier bongs over smaller, more compact pieces. Others like more versatile, smaller pieces that can be brought with them on the move and can easily double as a rig and a bong. Overall, if you love both bongs and dabs, you should invest in a high-quality dab rig with a glass bowl so you can quickly switch between the two methods of smoking with no effort. It also relies on your financial situation. Some individuals choose to collect beautiful pieces of glass and keep their details separate. In this instance, buying a bong and a setup separately could make sense.

Natural materials like wood, coconut, and bamboo are used to construct bongs and rigs. Throughout history, these materials have been used to make bongs. They were essential contraptions that functioned similarly to current bongs. Today’s bongs and rigs may deliver even more powerful performance, as well as improved filtration and cooling. Newer materials, such as silicone bongs and dab rigs, as well as artisans who build better percs and bong designs, make this feasible. 

However, today’s bongs are constructed of quickly produced materials that are both affordable and long-lasting. A dab rig is what you need if you’re looking to buy one; there are many options to choose from. When attempting to comprehend words like nails, domes, and carb caps, this might not be very comforting. From an online head shop like other smoking devices, Dab pipes are available in low-cost, basic, high-end, and mid-range models. 

All of these come with a range of extra features. When it comes to the nail or banger, you have the option of ceramics, titanium, quartz, or glass. While you may prefer one substance over another, the taste is unaffected by your preference. Instead, it just influences the maximum temperature of your nails/banger and how long they can maintain that warmth. You may find that buying dome nails is a good idea if this is your first time using a dab rig. Nails are low in airflow and require little care. Although dome-free nails need a lot of upkeep, they are meant to allow for better ventilation. Domed nails are more petite than non-domed nails and require less time to heat. Choose butane over propane when purchasing a torch to heat your nail. 

Propane heats up too rapidly, making it challenging to maintain a consistent temperature for your dabs. We highly advise against mixing concentrates and dry flowers in the same water pipe. The reason for this is that the flavor of dried herbs differs significantly from the flavor of concentrate. 

When you combine the two varieties without completely wiping away all of the residues from the previous session, you’ll get a disagreeable flavor and a less pleasurable smoking experience. It will also be easier to clean them if you use different components. Switching between wax and herb is easier with bowls that have an ash collector or a detachable downstem. A separate pipe for each drug, on the other hand, is recommended for the cleanest tastes. 


Your choice will be influenced by the high you desire, the amount of money you have, the materials you like, the features you want, the location of your sesh, the type of cannabis you have, your tolerance level, and other factors. Remember, no matter whatever kind of water pipe you choose, you must utilize fresh, clean water to maintain your pipe free of dirt for as long as possible. That way, a hidden dab rig or bong won’t be discovered. Dab rigs are easier to convert to bongs than bongs are to convert to dab rigs. Due to their increased flexibility, dab rigs win here despite being more expensive.