PDFBear Guide: Three Online Tools That Can Help You With Your Portable Document Format

Having to learn online documents in today’s generation is an important thing to do. It would help if you explored more about online documents to be more productive. Every advantage should also be taken into consideration given that it is the primary thing we use these days. You can find numerous online document formats that answer the different needs of every individual.

An excellent example of an online document format is the Portable Document Format. It is used by many individuals who need strict features for their documents. However, this can be a disadvantage given that you want to edit out a mistake or so. Hence, the availability of online tools for us to rely on during these difficult times. 

This article will go through the different online tools you can use for your online documents. It will also be discussed how you can use them efficiently for your conversion needs. Here are the fantastic online tools you should start using for your online documents.

Protect PDF

The introductory topic is the Protect PDF online tool. It is available from the platform of PDFBear free without requiring you for a subscription. This reliable online tool can help you put a security feature in your PDF files. You can choose your password and make your document much more secure than ever. 

Always make sure that you remember your password, as this will be your key for access in your PDF file. You can add protection to your PDF files by simply following four easy steps for your conversion process. This conversion process can last up to a minute or so which depends on your internet subscription speed.

 Here is an excellent example of adding an encrypted password to a PDF file.

  • There are two ways on how you can upload your PDF file. The most common way is to select your document and upload it directly. An alternative to that action is to drag your PDF file and drop it into the space allotted.
  • You can be unique when it comes to creating your password. Avoid simple passwords as they tend to be predictable. Type in the encrypted password that you want to use for your PDF file.
  • When you have fully decided about your password. Please keep it in a safe location and hide it for safekeeping. Suppose that you can remember your password correctly. You can now click “Encrypt PDF.”
  • Your newly encrypted PDF file can directly be transferred into your preferred storage.

Merge PDF

The Merge PDF online tool is a friendly function that helps you combine your documents. It is necessary to combine your documents, especially if those documents have the same purpose. Then, the recipient of your document can have a more convenient way of reading the document you have sent.

This is also a life hack when you want to print multiple documents at once. Combining them in the first place allows you to print faster because you don’t need to open multiple documents. You can also lessen the activities that can be seen in the display of your device. Hence, you can benefit from a more neat display for your device.

Here is how to fully utilize the Merge PDF online tool.

  • Upload the PDF files into the system of PDFBear.
  • The PDFBear system will start combining your documents.
  • You can change specific things that you want to happen in your PDF file.
  • Save the changes that you made and save them into your device.

Split PDF

The Merge PDF online tool exists in the ecosystem of PDFBear, and for that reason, it is also available to split your PDF files. You can use the online tool Split PDF to help you divide your document into several PDF files. This can be a good way of separating the excellent content and harmful content depending on your needs.

You can now separate the things that are important to your specific needs. It is also possible to delete the other part of the PDF file if it is unnecessary for your future needs. Here is how to use this online tool.

  • Upload your PDF file. 
  • Select the pages you want to separate.
  • Click the “Refine” button.
  • Click the “Download” button.


The way we handle our online documents today is different than before. Having the availability of online tools makes our document activity more accessible than it used to. Hence, using them is a good practice to take an edge in this fast-growing community.