Pros and cons of tattoos

The process of getting a realistic looking tattoo is not an easy one, that’s why people go tattoo shops Fayetteville nc to have a piece of art that’s truly unique and meaningful.

Similar to most things in life, getting a tattoo has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people use numbing cream while getting tattoo.

Most teenagers might consider getting a tattoo but might think about it twice because not many people allow their children to have tattoos for certain reasons.  Anyway, without further ado, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a tattoo.

The Pros and Cons of Tattoos


  • Tattoos can be reminders
  • Tattoos can cover up unwanted body marks
  • Tattoos can be a great decoration
  • Tattoos are a good way to tribute the dead


  • Getting one can hurt
  • Getting one can give you health problems
  • You might lose some job opportunities
  • The tattoo could go wrong
  • It’s expensive to get one
  • It can’t be removed so easily
  • Don’t look great on old people – that’s you in a while!


Tattoos can remind you

Tattoos can be a reminder for someone or something.

For example, if your mother passes away and you want to have her face to look at any time you want to then maybe you’d like to tattoo her face too your arm or more likely her name.

Or maybe you have a favourite quote that keeps you motivated, if you want to remember the quote then tattoo it.

With words as a tattoo, there’s a less likely chance the tattoo artist will mess up.  If you haven’t seen “Prison Break”, the star in “Prison Break” uses tattoos to represent the blueprint of a prison in order to break out, he also has tattoos that are coded words to basically remember his whole plan.

Tattoos Can Cover Up Parts of Your Body That You Want Unseen

If you have a freckle, a mole or a scar that you don’t want anyone to see then covering it up with a tattoo might do the job.

A tattoo can not only cover up secret parts of your body, but it can also be a presentation of an original artwork.  Even if you didn’t get the ink in your skin, you still designed the tattoo with your own imagination.

Sexy Tattooed Girl – I Want Her – When She’s 70 Ummmm

Tattoos Can be Beautiful on You

If you’re not unlucky, your tattoos might just be attractive.

Not many people think about this, but a tattoo can show the type of person that you are, at least to some people who understand or maybe respect, tattoos.

Having a unique tattoo is pretty satisfying because it’s an artwork of your own and you get the sense of achievement since you were the one to design the tattoo you want.

Not all tattoos are original, of course, because if you’re not that much of an artist then you might want to consider choosing one of the parlor’s tattoos instead of making your own.

Tattoos can also be sexy. A small tattoo around your private parts can be a turn on for a lover to discover. Something special for them that most people will never see. A secret gift to enhance sexual relationships.

This is, of course, assuming it is not the name of your last lover or one of the many that have come before akin to sticking beer mats on the bar wall to show what’s been collected.

It also assumes a level of taste and style. A small sword or shellfish might be appropriate for a guy or a girl respectively. A huge dragon tattoo covering your entire pubic area might not be much of a turn on!

Tattoos can be a great tribute to other people, especially the dead ones

Stan Lee died in November 2018, lots of the Marvel fans went and got a tattoo of Stan Lee on their body.

Even if the person didn’t die, a tattoo of them can show respect to them and cheer them.  However, not many people would want their faces on other people’s body – especially if the tattoo lives on your butt!

This is why you’re better off having dead people’s face on your body instead.  Although this may sound creepy and all, for some reason, many people are doing this – mostly not on their butts though.

Your Pain – My Pleasure – Tattoos


It will hurt

If it’s your first time getting a tattoo and you feel pain then it will hurt.

Most people with tattoos claim that the first time was the most painful, sound familiar?

If you think you can’t hold up the pain and stay still, you’re better off not getting one at all.  Some things are worth the pain of the first time for later pleasures – tattoos are probably not a good example of that though!

Take this as an example; you enter a tattoo shop to get your first tattoo, once the tattoo artist starts using the “gun” and you can’t bear the pain so you wiggle a bit, your tattoo’s screwed.

It’s Possible That you Might get a Medical Issue

If the tattoo artist somehow forgets to change his or her needles for every person, you might get diseases such as AIDs(HIV).  Other diseases are also readily spread through lack of hygiene on tools.

There have been numerous amounts of cases of people getting AIDs from their tattoos since the tattoo artist didn’t change the needles for some reason.

If this really happens to you, you will encounter huge problems that will make you regret getting a tattoo.

If that’s not the case then you might faint according to fear of needles.  Who knows why you came to get a tattoo, maybe you have a good reason or maybe you lost a bet.

But no matter what, your health problems will be your responsibility as most tattoo shops are not run by large profitable businesses who can afford to pay a lost court case.

You might lose job opportunities

If you are planning on becoming a teacher, you will not want a tattoo anywhere near the parts of your body that are exposed.

I used to have a teacher who had a tattoo on his back, how did I know he had a tattoo on his back?  Well, he was sweaty and he wore a white shirt, everyone could see right through his shirt.

Even though everyone noticed it and thought it was cool, that wasn’t the case for the principal.  My teacher was fired for basically wearing a white shirt.

It’s ridiculous. So be careful if you’re planning on a job like a pilot or something that requires you to wear a white shirt; or getting your face and hands tattoed with Hell’s Angels insignia.

The tattoo could go wrong

Ever thought about having an old tattooist?

They’re everywhere.  If you know someone who is around 60 then you’ll probably notice their eyesight and hearing starts to fade a little.

If your tattoo is too complicated, the tattoo artist might mess up unless they’re very skilled.  I talked about having problems with too much pain, this could be a very unlucky combination if you have both an old tattoo artist that’s not highly trained and you’re in fear of pain.

So, the thing is, if you decide that one day you want a tattoo, consider the pain and the consequences you might just have to suffer.

Anyway, I wish you luck.

It’s an Expensive Way to Painfully Get Some Ink Inside of You

I’m sure you all have thought about how much a tattoo will cost already.

If you haven’t then I hate to be the one to break it up to you that it’s pretty expensive compared to a permanent marker! Heck, even those remopvable ones are pricey!

You might want to take a little think about what else you could do with the money that would do you more good than a tattoo.

But if you want a tattoo, nothing can stop you from getting one, except for parents of course – well maybe!

A tattoo is not easy to remove

Think back to where I said a tattoo might go wrong, now remind yourself what a tattoo is.  A tattoo is an artwork made out of ink that is meant to stick with you forever.

If it goes wrong, however, then you might be in trouble.  If you have a messed up tattoo, you either keep it and hate it or try to remove it with some luck.

If you try to remove the tattoo, it will cost much more than getting a tattoo, now you can go back and think about how I said it was expensive to get one.

Like it or not though, you might end up losing the money and not even being able to remove all of your tattoos.

They Look Lousy on Old People

You know you are going to get old right?

You might want to think about what the tattoo will look like when you get older and your skin goes all saggy and wrinkled. “I Love Harry” tattooed on your breasts might not look so great, and “The Slayer” tattooed on your – you know what – may end up being a kind of ironic sad reflection on aging.