How to Style a Gold Cuban Chain with Any Outfit

Cuban chains made of gold are a fantastic way to glam up one’s ensemble. A timeless necklace design that has been used for years is the chain. It’s a fantastic accessory that looks excellent with both casual and formal attire. The Cuban chain has a simple design, but there are numerous ways to customize it. Although Cuban chains are frequently considered men’s jewelry, women can wear them. The following are some styling suggestions for a gold Cuban chain:

1. Match the Cuban chain with other gold accessories

To start, one needs to be familiar with coordinating the chain with other gold accessories to achieve an all-gold style. For instance, when wearing a pair of chains, one shouldn’t wear any other jewelry, such as earrings or bracelets, as they will compete for attention with the chains and make the outfit look gaudy and over-the-top rather than simple and elegant. If someone wants to avoid drawing too much attention to oneself, opt for something basic and timeless. When wearing a chain, the person shouldn’t wear watches because they have the same impact as bracelets. To complete the all-gold ensemble, get additional jewelry matching the chain, such as cufflinks, a belt buckle, or shoes or boots. Online or nearby vintage shops, where one can locate them at affordable costs, are the greatest places to purchase these products.

2. Pair it with jeans and sneakers

Cuban chains are fantastic accessories to pair with jeans, but they can be challenging to style if someone is not familiar with them. If trying a more athletic image, opt for a thinner Cuban link necklace or bracelet—something that appears like it could be a component of a conventional watch band will quickly give away the fact that the chain is designed to make one look stylish instead of like an athlete. Once someone picks a Cuban link piece, there are many alternatives for what to wear with it. Someone can go for something super-casual like skinny jeans and shoes. Combining a gold Cuban chain with jeans and shoes is a terrific way to add beauty to an otherwise casual appearance. A person can dress it up more in the evening if heading out for dinner or dancing, but even at night, this combo will be a lot less stuffy than a suit or tie.

3. Put it over an all-black ensemble for extra elegance

If wearing a Cuban gold chain with any clothing, it’s better to go all-black. That way, the only thing that stands out is the delicate chain, which will truly make it shine. To start, try starting with a classic, fitting button-up shirt, and then top it off with a Cuban chain. Try to keep the rest of the wardrobe simple—small black dress shoes, slacks or khakis, and a leather belt should do the trick. For added points, wear a white or light blue undershirt beneath the button-up shirt, and wear a tie that matches the undershirt’s color to complete this exquisite outfit.

4. Pair it with a plain white t-shirt or tank top

A Cuban gold chain is a striking accessory with a basic white T-shirt, tank top, or low-cut top. By pairing a Cuban chain with other simple clothing, one may make the look more complete and put a personal touch on it. When wearing a plain white tee and jeans, the Cuban chain will direct the eye straight to the neckline first! Whether in a casual business environment or going out on the town at night, a Cuban chain will sparkle any outfit!

5. With a black blazer

A black blazer is a timeless wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down and looks fantastic with any outfit. It’s vital to consider the quality of the blazer when buying one; however—you want to pick something that fits well and will endure for years without fraying or fading. A Cuban gold chain can give an ordinary black jacket a dramatic accent. This sort of chain is often used by men and women who wear gold Cuban link chains in their everyday life; it’s not an unusual look for individuals who wear more high-end products. What one should avoid is wearing a costume-looking gold Cuban chain with a simple blazer—it needs to be something that could potentially be worn in normally all year long, not just at costume events.

A solid black jacket can also be dressed up with a Cuban gold chain for a more dramatic effect—a simple look that always showcases some best features and looks amazing in images. The traditional black and white color scheme makes it easy to combine with almost everything in one’s outfit, and the simplicity of the overall design ensures that the focus remains on the collarbones, chest, and shoulders—the perfect spot to show off the stunning jewelry.

6. Wear it as an accent piece in your outfit

Accentuating your attire with a Gold Cuban link chain is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to make any look instantly stylish. It’s also a terrific method to show off a timepiece in one’s collection since it compliments but doesn’t distract from the focal point of the watch. The most important thing to remember when styling this accessory is that you want it to serve a purpose in the outfit: it should work in harmony with the rest of the elements, not dominate them. After creating a foundation layer and expanding outward, the chain should be used as a side dish or garnish. Try pulling it off with a simple dress shirt if wearing a suit. Someone could also add some color with a bow tie or pocket square.