10 reasons to wear contact lenses

Approximately 3 out of 4 Americans admit to having some visual problem that prevents them from enjoying perfect vision. However, there are studies that highlight that the sense that is most important in the population is sight. In this sense, a question arises: why do those people who admit they have deficiencies in their vision do nothing to remedy it?

Contact lenses are an ideal method to compensate for these refractive defects (such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eyestrain or presbyopia …) since, through the appropriate prescription and adaptation of the optician-optometrist, it allows the user to have a visual acuity of 100 % in the most convenient and comfortable way possible.

Contact lenses are an ideal method to compensate for refractive errors in vision

Here are 10 reasons why you should wear contact lenses if you have a refractive error in your vision:

1. They do not fog up in the event of sudden changes in temperature.

2. Advances in its materials make most of the population suitable to use them.

3. There are several types of lenses with different characteristics, which are adapted to each user according to their visual conditions.

4. They are ideal for situations in which you must wear items such as helmets (driving, skiing, cycling …) or special glasses (safety or protection …), since they are placed directly on the eye and do not interfere with other elements, situation that would happen with glasses. Contact lenses do not interfere with helmets, for example when driving a motorcycle

5. They provide total freedom of movement, without fear of doing any activity, for example sports, and that the glasses fall off. With contact lenses you will not be aware of the frame falling off when wearing glasses

6. The visual field obtained with contact lenses is much greater than with glasses.

7. It is possible to combine them with quality sunglasses to achieve total protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. In addition, there are contact lenses with UV protection, which protect the cornea and prevent UV rays from reaching the retina, partially protecting if sunglasses are not used.

8. Provides the user with a high degree of comfort and convenience. You will have adequate visual acuity and will not notice you are wearing them.

9. In situations where there is a higher incidence of solar rays, you will not notice the possible reflections that could appear in contact with the lenses of the lenses, as they would happen with glasses.

10. Once the user is initiated in its use, maintenance is very easy. You just have to carry out adequate hygiene with the indicated solution and it will appear that you are wearing new contact lenses every day, replacing them in the indicated period. Plus, with daily lenses, maintenance is eliminated. They just have to be thrown away at the end of the day and a new pair opened the next!

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