Things You Need to Know About Vape Coil Types

Vaping coils are an integral part of vaping; without them, there are no hits, vapor, tricks, and many more benefits of vaping. There are different types of vaping coils in the market, and each comes with its advantages. Additionally, you can either make the coils or buy ready-made ones.

The choice of the coil is influenced by various factors, such as the vape device you are using and resistance. Most vaping devices come with designated coil types; however, you have the freedom to change the coil based on your needs as long as it is compatible with the device. 

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How long do the vape coils last?

The lifespan of vape coils majorly depends on the type of vape. Heavy vapers should change the coil regularly, probably once per week. It may sound extravagant, but a good coil is necessary for an excellent vaping experience and critical for your safety. Moreover, heavy vapers also tend to prefer higher VG liquid which requires the vape coil to function optimally; hence the coil won’t last long.

Moderate vapers should change the coil maybe once a fortnight. Light vapers can change the coil once every month or after three weeks. Light vapers are also likely to use the coil longer since most prefer higher PG liquids that do not finish the coil as fast as high-VG liquids. While selecting vape replacement coils, ensure you consider the type of e-juices you vape.

Different types of vape coils

The coil type has some influence over the flavor; hence you need to select the coil carefully. Furthermore, they are made from various materials to ensure all vapers have the vaping experience they desire.

Classification based on material

Ceramic coils

These coils are made from ceramic and are more porous than other types of vape coils. They allow sufficient air to pass through, enabling them to generate smooth hits. Many users prefer them due to the intensity of the flavor they generate. The coils can tolerate high wattage and are suitable for high-powered vaping kits and mods. They are also ideal for preventing dry hits, a condition common in other types of coils.

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Stainless steel coils

They are made from stainless steel and are available in different grades for the user to select. These coils can last longer due to the durable nature of steel. However, they are susceptible to various conditions, such as rust, especially when you leave them exposed. They can also withstand high temperatures and wattage hence suitable for high-powered mods. 

Titanium coil

The coils are made from Titanium and have a soft and malleable appearance. They are the most expensive due to the value of Titanium. Despite being popular, there are many questions about their safety for vapers. 

Kanthal coil

Kanthal coils are made from combining aluminum, Chromium, and iron. It is a popular wire for homemade coils since it is easy to transform into the desired shape. The coil is suitable for generating impressive amounts of vapor making it one of the most popular and the most preferred coils. 

Nickel coil

They are made from Nickel alloys suitable for low resistance and can tolerate moderate temperatures. However, they are not very suitable for high-wattage devices. They are also not ideal for those with allergic reactions to Nickel. 

Nichrome coils

Nichrome is a blend of 80% Chromium and 20%Nickel. They heat up faster and quicker than Kanthal and are suitable for generating impressive vapor. They can also survive oxidation hence preserving the flavors regardless of how long you have used them. 

The mode of vaping

The mode of vaping can also determine the type of coil one should buy. 

OHMS vaping

OHMS vapers should consider buying coils with high-level resistance to generate the desired vaping experience. They are suitable for vapers who need deep throat hits or those who love vaping high VG juices.

Sub-Ohm coils

The best coils for sub-Ohms vaping devices are lower resistance coils that generate warm vapor and big clouds; they are suitable for vapers using high PG liquids. They heat up fast, increasing the rate of vaporization; hence vapers use more e-liquids fast. 

Plus, Ohm coils

These coils have high resistance and are steady on the battery. However, some vapers complain they generate less and cooler vapor. 

Does it matter the type of coil I choose?

Coils are significant in many ways; hence you need to select the type of coil carefully. When choosing the coil, ensure it matches your vape kit’s wattage and voltage. Ensure it can vaporize the type of e-liquid you are using without straining. 

The type of coil you chose is significant for determining the intensity of flavor you will get. It is also essential in determining how long you will vape before you start experiencing burnt tastes and choking hits. Coils are also necessary for your safety; hence you need to select carefully. Finally, select the coil based on your vaping experience and your vaping desires. You can choose those that help you generate dry hits, big clouds, smooth hits, and many more. 

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The lifespan of your coil depends on how long you vape and the type of e-juices you vape. There are many types of coils in the market; however, your choice should be based on various factors. These factors include the lifespan of the coil, the safety of the coil, the desired vaping experience, and the vaping mode.