Top 10 Indian Wicket Taking Spinners In Away Test Matches

When playing away from home in a test match, it can be hard for spinners to take wickets and this results in cricket’s biggest fight. This is especially important for Indian spinners because things are rarely in their favor outside of India. When you’re playing on the other team’s pitch in a spin-friendly country, it might be hard to make quick changes on the fly. In this post, we will look at the Indian spinners who have taken the most wickets when playing away from home.

  • Srinivas Venkataraghavan –

Former member of the renowned “spin quartet” from India, in which Srinivas Venkataraghavan was also a player. Off-spinner much like the other off-spinner in the four, Erapalli Prasanna, was battling with Prasanna for a position in the starting eleven. Prasanna was the off-spinner.

While Venkataraghavan was away from home, he participated in 25 different exams. He was responsible for 62 dismissals while allowing 2.50 runs per over on average.

  • Subhash Gupte –

Subhash Gupte was widely regarded as one of cricket’s most influential players throughout the decade of the 1950s. He was able to spin the ball well, but his googly was his most deadly delivery.

Gupte played in 15 away tests and finished with 65 wickets while averaging 2.30 runs scored against him each over.

  • R. Jadeja –

Ravindra Jadeja is a multi-talented cricket player who has represented India in test matches. Jadeja has played all formats of the game. He has been an essential component of the squad throughout all of the games that have taken place in India. When the squad played away from home, particularly in Asia, he had to battle with Ravichandran Ashwin for a berth in the starting XI. This was very difficult for him.

In 22 away tests, Jadeja has shown success, accumulating 69 wickets while maintaining an economy rate of 2.75 and an average of 33.56.

  • Ravi Shastri –

Throughout his career, Ravi Shastri was well-known for a variety of skills and abilities, including his abilities as a batsman and all-arounder. The spin that he made with his left arm, as well as the method that he struck the ball, were both inventive and helpful.

Shastri had a strike rate of 42.85 and grabbed 78 wickets throughout 42 away tests during his career. In addition to that, his economy rate was 2.42.

  • Erapalli Prasanna –

Erapalli Prasanna was part of the famous Indian “spin quartet,” just like Venkataraghavan. Because he always planned out how to get rid of the batter, people thought he was a very smart player.

In 27 away tests, Prasanna took 94 wickets and averaged 2.49 runs per over.

  • Bhagwat Chandrasekhar  –

Bhagwat Chandrasekhar was well-known in the field of spin quartets and was one of the two leaders of the spin quartets. He was in a lot of pain because of a leg spin. His arm was hurt by polio, which made the ball go in strange directions. However, this made him a better player overall. He often threw balls that were out of bounds or that couldn’t be caught.

In 26 tests played away from home, Chandrasekhar got 100 wickets while only letting in 2.89 runs per over.

  •  Ravindra Ashwin –

He is not only a good player but also a great game thinker, which makes his skills even more impressive. He can do many different things well and can do many different things. Even though he was criticized at first for how he did outside of Asia, he has come a long way and now does better than many top pacers who compete outside of Asia. He is a well-rounded player who has not only made hundreds of runs in test matches but also taken more than 400 wickets.

Ashwin had some success when he was on the other team. In 34 tests, he took 126 wickets while keeping an economy rate of 2.93 and an average of 31.88.

  •  Bishan Singh Bedi –

One of the two persons in command of the spin quartet, which had a total of two people in charge, was Bishan Singh Bedi. Left-arm spins were one of his strongest skills. Even though he only participated in 266 tests throughout his career, he finished with 1,560 wickets in first-class cricket. He adopted a combative strategy while bowling, and as a result, he was able to pull off the majority of his varied maneuvers while maintaining the same motion.

Throughout 37 matches played outside of India, Bedi collected 129 scalps. His economy rate was 2.37, and his average score was 33.72 points.

  • Harbhajan Singh –

Harbhajan Singh, along with Anil Kumble, was a crucial component of India’s bowling attack during the 2000s. Anil Kumble was the other. In the year 2001, he gained notoriety as a result of the contributions he made to India’s success in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Throughout three matches, he took a total of 32 wickets, which contributed to India’s triumph. At the end of his career, he had collected more than 400 wickets in test matches, which is several dismissals that are considered to be quite respectable.

Throughout 48 away tests, Harbhajan was able to gather 152 wickets while maintaining a strike rate of 3.06 runs per over and averaging 38.90 points.

  • Anil Kumble –

The record for most test wickets taken by an Indian bowler is currently held by Anil Kumble, who has 619. He was successful in taking wickets even when the other team did not spin the ball. Batsmen were unable to stop the damage caused by his destructive flippers. While he was a member of the squad that was based in Asia, he served as the primary attacker. When he was a part of the squad in various locations, his primary responsibility was to spin the ball.

Kumble finished his career having bowled in 69 away tests with a career average of 35.85 and an economy rate of 2.88. He had a very respectable score of 269 for 69 in bowling.

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