FalleN and coldzera are planning to build a Brazilian squad

Two-time Valve Major-winning duo Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo and Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David are planning to reunite and build a new Brazilian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. This comes after rumours surrounding FalleN’s desire to leave Team Liquid in 2022.

FalleN is not the only player who is rumoured to leave Liquid because Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip is also exploring possible options outside of the organization. Stewie will most likely go to another North American squad or he might make his long-awaited move to Valorant. In the meantime, FalleN is looking to go back to his roots and return to Brazil.

From 2015 to 2019, FalleN and cold were a part of multiple squads together. They played for Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming, and MIBR where they won two Majors and countless other trophies. They were once considered the best team in the world with cold battling for the top spot in the best player in the world debate.

Their duo split in 2019 when coldzera went to Europe to join FaZe Clan. That move turned out to be a successful one for coldzera but it did not result in a Major trophy as he expected. FalleN himself left Brazil in early 2021 because jumped to Liquid. Both players did not meet their aspirations for trophies.

It will be interesting to see these two stars create a new team because there are some readymade talents in the Brazilian scene. You can expect FalleN and coldzera to have the drawing power to recruit top talents.

While a reunion with their past teammates can happen, it is unlikely because they know how that ends. Their dynamic has been figured out by most of the CS:GO scene but FalleN and coldzera still have a lot to offer with their unique tactics if they recruit new players.

Complexity has been the leading team that can sign these two players since they are evaluating options for the future. CoL themselves have not responded to any rumours because they’re still assessing their options.

It will be fun to see them running it back because FalleN and coldzera are still fantastic players who are motivated to win another Major.

Words: Cholo Martin

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