F95Zone: How To Post Content under Games or Comics Forums?

There has been an updated set of regulations and rules for the members that you will have to follow for uploading the content in the F95Zone, thus making it one of the most popular and the safest adult communities available on the Internet. The website has come up with several guidelines that must be compliant whenever they’re trying to access it.

You will get the availability of the forums on the website. They are the adult game forum, development forum, comics, animations forum, and discussion forum. To ensure that whatever games and artwork the people are uploading are authentic and valued, the new members are required to upload the normal post and forum like the development and the general discussion before uploading the links.

The rules that you will have to follow

Whenever you’re posting additional content or content that hasn’t been posted on the F95Zone, you will have to consider following certain rules. Make sure to click on the games subcategory under the adult games forum or the comics and animations subcategory under the adult comics and animations.

Now just go ahead with looking for the thread named uploading rules. The thread will be containing the relevant information regarding the do, and they don’t say that you will have to follow when you’re getting access to the forum.

Placing the links properly

Once you go through the rules, you will have to find the templates under the bottom when these threads are there to help you structure your post structure.

  • In the process, you just cannot simply start that thread in the subcategories. Rather, you will have to proceed to the game request or comic and animation request subcategories and then just go ahead with posting the content on that forum.
  • Always work for posting the links to the game or the artwork alongside the involvement of the links to the content creator. Also, include as much information as possible and then distribute the post and go with the posting.
  • Once you post it, find out the thread and report it, tagging it as the game update or the comic or animation update. Also, make sure about mentioning where you will require it to move once your thread.
  • Just go ahead with reporting in the form of an update. Do that with the help of the links. In the future, in case you want to publish the update by uploading the updated version of the already existing content, you will find it easy.

Certain Threads post the game or the artwork and then start forgetting to update them whenever the new version comes up. If you happen to have the new version of the update of the game or the comic or the artwork already posted on the F95Zone, you can just go ahead with posting it. You will need to just find out the original thread where the content was first posted, then report it and take it in the form of the game update or the comic or animation update.

Final words

Make sure that you always provide an adequate link to the updates while you are tagging them. Chances of the content post getting rejected by the F95Zone moderators are usually low but make sure about always sticking to the rules and considering the things that you will have to consider to avoid posting. Following that, you can rest assured that there won’t be the