10 Essential Tips for class 7 Olympiad Exam Preparation

Each year Olympiad exams are undertaken to identify and utilize the young talented minds. These exams act as a platform that provides the students with a sense of unique competition and a chance to show their skills and gain knowledge. Students who perform well and excel in these exams go-ahead to be successful in their careers. Scoring well in these exams helps students maintain an excellent academic record. 

Olympiads help in discovering young students at the very base level- the school level. Class 7 Olympiad exams are very essential in every student’s life.  These exams are held at national and international levels. Here are a few essential tips that every student must follow for having the best preparation in their class 7 Olympiads-

  1. Be acquainted with the course outline: 

Before starting the preparation for Olympiads, it is very essential for students of class 7 attempting the Olympiads to be familiar with the course outline of Olympiad exams. Having a thorough knowledge of the syllabus will assist in the preparation of a strong study plan to ensure that the student has completed the entire syllabus as well as the important topics. Every student must align their study plan in accordance with the course outline. 

  1. Recognize the exam format and the time limit: 

To come into sight in Olympiads, each student belonging to class 7 appearing for them must recognize the exam-pattern properlyEvery student must know the various sections as well as the number of questions in each of them. Students must also know the period that will be given for the completion of the paper. This is a very essential step to ensure proper time is allotted to each section. 

  1. Create an appropriate and well-organized study plan: 

A well-organized study plan is necessary for the preparation of class 7 Olympiads. Hence, students must arrange an efficient Olympiad training schedule taking into consideration the syllabus, significant chapters, and complicated topics which necessitate more study duration for preparation. A suitable timetable will facilitate students to dedicate time to every subject and topic capably. Each student must carefully design a study plan which matches their capabilities and skills to prepare themselves better for the Olympiads. 

  1. Have a quick grasp of the level of Olympiad questions: 

Even though the course for Olympiad exams is just about the same as that of school boards, Olympiad questions are slightly more difficult and tricky since they check a variety of skills which include thorough observation, problem-solving, capacity to apply, and analytical abilities. To correctly solve these questions, every student must contain a well-built conceptual understanding. Thus, it is significant to aid students to comprehend the difficulty level of Olympiad exam questions. This, in turn, helps them prepare effectively. 

  1. Understand and get hold of every concept:

Given that Olympiad Exam questions are identified based on conceptual facts, students must always have a profound knowledge as well as an understanding of every given concept and every topic that is covered in the Olympiad syllabus. For this purpose, students can refer to various Olympiad exam reference books. Not just this, the school books also play a key role in the preparation. These books are specially intended for acquiring a thorough knowledge of concepts and facts that are needed to solve Olympiad-level questions.

  1. Resolve the papers from previous years: 

Every one of the class 7 students should solve the papers from previous years of the Olympiad exams to evaluate their understanding and knowledge to take part in Olympiad exams. Appearing and answering the previous year’s papers aid in receiving an idea about the question pattern of the class 7 Olympiads as well as their complexity level. Students can recognize, identify their strengths and weaknesses of the required specific topics after they answer these papers. Solving these papers and assessing the rightness of their answers is an essential step.

  1. Enrol yourself and participate in Olympiad Skill Development Programme:

Each student of class 7 preparing for Olympiads must get themselves enrolled in the Olympiad Skill Development Programme. These programs are very helpful in building up each student’s skills like analytical skills, and logical reasoning. An additional benefit is that each student can acquire these skills in a very fun-filled way! These programs have worksheets with various sets of questions that are prepared to keep in mind the standard of difficulty.

  1. Solve:

Solve IMO Sample Papers for Class 7. Every student must solve these papers. These papers are available online and can be downloaded. They provide a guide in understanding that each student is equipped with the ability to attempt all the questions in the given time limit correctly. 

  1. Appear for online tests:

Every Olympiad class 7 aspirant should always appear and attempt an online test that is held for Olympiads. When a student appears for these tests, they learn the real-life experience of giving the exam, and over time, the students can build up their speed and improve their abilities. Furthermore, it helps in the identification of areas in which the student requires more focus and attention. 

  1. Arrange and make sure to have quick notes for revision: 

Since the Olympiad tests are based on the set of courses taught in the school, students must generate notes and speedy facts for every topic that is covered in the classes. These speedy facts will be very beneficial for the prospect of future references and revisions, thereby assisting each student to learn and understand faster.


The above listed must be carefully read and followed by each class 7 Olympiad aspirant for having a strong preparation as well as a grasp of the concepts. One important factor for each student is to stay motivated and positive. They must carefully evaluate and keep track of their daily progress as per the course structure. Further, these tips will also guide you in the right direction for scoring well. For achieving the desired output and result, each student must make the best use of their time and effort in the proper way.