How to login into Coinbase by Coinbase wallet?

Coinbase is a simple way to buy, sell, invest and store your digital money. With the amazing feature of the coinbase wallet, you can store your money with full privacy and security applied. It is the major brand for trading in cryptocurrency, a safe place to openly convert your digital money into the local currency. Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam are the proud founders of this global brand and founded this company in 2012.

In the article mentioned below, we will learn about topics such as, ‘How to become a member of the coinbase community?’, ‘If coinbase is really of any use?’ along with ‘Important points to consider while logging in’ and lastly, the experience you are expected to have at coinbase.

Is coinbase really helpful?

When thousands and thousands of people scream good about the site, what makes you think coinbase isn’t of any help? Don’t you want a place to invest? Invest freely and openly without any hard and boring restrictions? Companies around the globe make sure that they stay safe first. Due to many policies, they add restrictions among which, half are basically useless but coinbase here doesn’t support such pointless rules. Instead, it makes sure to keep your safety, your entertainment, your earning and you at the top.

The site works intending to present to you a site, a safe site to be precise where you can trade without any tension wavering around your head. You see, trading is normal for a few while it comes with problems, issues and complications for others, not everyone can trade on currencies freely but if a tool like coinbase is given to them, they may notice half of their money tensions drowning in canals.

How to make an account on coinbase?

It is certainly very easy to make an account on coinbase and become a part of the coinbase community. Logging into your coinbase account will only make it easier for you to use the site and experience more features. Making an account will help you log in whenever and wherever you want, also, you will be free to move around as per your will. Note – coinbase wallet is a space provided by coinbase for people to store their digital cash with all tested vaults, no chances of robbery and 100% security ensured. Given below are the steps to make an account on coinbase:

  1. Visit the site, as expected.
  2. Log in to your coinbase wallet which you used to store your digital money till now.
  3. It will ask you for the information made available to you by the site. Fill in accurately and prevent making mistakes.
  4. Do not forget to check again after you are down filling in the data.
  5. Next, it will ask for your phone number.
  6. For verification, a code will be sent through SMS on your phone number, fill the code and verify yourself.
  7. To prove yourself as a citizen of the country you reside in, attach the photo of any official ID of yours. Make sure the photo is clear with good resolution or else you might face problems.

Important points to keep in mind

Don’t worry, these are not additional steps for better results but are a simple few points we think should be kept in front of you so that it will be easier to move ahead swiftly and speedily. Below are the important points to consider while you apply for login at coinbase:

  • The mobile phone number which you are asked to enter is going to be used for two-step verification purposes and so, make sure the mobile number that you are going to put in can perform the task without any questions.
  • The need to enter SSN, the short form for social security number, arises only for those who reside within the boundaries of the United States of America. If you are staying in another country and have recently shifted from America then you won’t need it as long as you have identity proof of the country you are currently in.
  • The bank details that are needed can be added comfortably after sighing in the coinbase account. Both debit cards and credit cards work in coinbase. Select the one with easier access for withdrawals and depositions.

If you keep these points in mind while logging in, it will be beneficial for you. However, if you already have an account but are somehow trying to make a new one then these points aren’t for you as you already have a taste of the whole procedure.

The experience you are supposed to have at Coinbase

The only side in the whole world that makes trading the easiest. Efficient and convenient movements will lead you to the location you want to be at. The content on the site works only when accessed through a browser which also means that there won’t be any content to download and yet everything important will be saved spontaneously.

The site is protected from pop-up ads and viruses meaning as long as you are on the site, there will be no virus secretly downloaded on your mobile or desktop. The site is available on both iOS and Android devices. The stats of your profile, like the investing and balance of your portfolio, can be seen on your profile. You also have the privilege to set the duration for showing the results, you can keep it from 1 hour to 1 year accordingly.

Simply by clicking on the ‘Buy crypto’ button and after selecting the currency, type in the amount in the blank in USD form and start trading bright away! At times, a certain arrangement in trading might gain you more than expected. After being sure it might be a right decision to keep the arrangement the same for a little longer at least, you can use the tool which repeats the trading pattern for as long as you need, this way when you are not active on the site, the trading will go on until the setup period.