Best 3 Cryptocurrencies to start your investments, other than Bitcoin

Bitcoin has always been a trendsetter when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The technologies have evolved so much that you can now transact transactions and trading without restrictions. The government or banks don’t manage the issuance of Bitcoin. Hence, it is carried collectively through a network of cryptocurrency space. However, Bitcoin is not the only crypto in the market for investors to assets. Therefore, there are many cryptos to consider as a beginner in investments. Learn more about the Bitcoin pro app by clicking here:

What is cryptocurrency?

Before assassinating other types of cryptos, let’s first understand what crypto is. Cryptocurrency is digital or virtual money for transactions in businesses. The mysterious discovery by Satoshi Nakamura happened in 2009. However, business owners and other individuals later started treating digital currency as a matter of investment and trading. The broad definition in the physical world became an intangible place for cryptocurrency. The word crypto refers to cryptography that allows the processing and creation of digital transactions. The process of crypto space doesn’t rely on banks and the government. Hence, the area is standing on a decentralized system. It is one of the many important aspects of crypto that has contributed to the rise in popularity of the term “crypto.” Therefore, to start your crypto journey, join bitqh and enjoy trading. 

Types of Cryptocurrency

The crypto space is extending and spreading its branches into many regions for examination. Cryptocurrency is expanding, and now we will discuss some of the popular types of currencies. An individual may consider purchasing and investing in hundreds of cryptocurrencies. 

As is common knowledge, cryptocurrencies are payment tokens designed for transmission over a network of users operating within a decentralised system. However, the following are some examples of what are known as value tokens:

  • Stellar (XLM) 

Stellar is one of the various types of blockchain networks designed to provide solutions in financial terms. The cryptocurrency proceeds to connect and aim at large transactions. Business officials and significant individuals know that larger transactions between banks and governments take up to a week because it involves multiple mediators. 

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

In 2021 Dogecoin or Memecoin’s price skyrocketed because of some reference that caused a stir in the market. The coin used an image of the Japanese Shibu Inu as a possible avatar image. And the DOGE is majorly accepted by many companies for transactions and investments. 

  • Cardano (ADA) 

The cryptocurrency “Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake” is created by engineers, mathematicians and crypto-currency experts. They discovered the coin with research purposes in mind. Moreover, the co-founder of this cryptography is Charles Hoskinson, with five founders. The founders had directions with Ethereum. 

  • Ethereum (ETH)

Regarding alternatives other than bitcoin, Ethereum is everyone’s first choice. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that lets the customer enable applications and has clever contracts. The vital purpose behind Ethereum is to proceed with a freely accessible decentralized suite for all the products. It creates a compelling impact on people regardless of nationality or caste. 

Top Cryptocurrencies to make your investment 

When it comes to investment in crypto, the first currency that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Despite this, it isn’t the only cryptocurrency in which you may put your money. The top three cryptocurrencies that are now available for investment are listed below for your convenience. 

Ethereum: This is both a platform and a cryptocurrency that curated millions of users and potential applicants. The market cap for Ethereum is over $361 billion. The coin experienced extreme popularity. 

Binance Coin: The market cap is over 68$. The Binance coin is used for trading and paying fees in the market for trading in the crypto exchange world. In 2017 the Binance coin was exchanged across the platforms while expanding, facilitating the payment processing. 

Litecoin: The coin is an open-source project launched in the blockchain for exchange in the Coinbase. Even though it is an intimation of bitcoin and contains similarities, it is a good option for trading and investment. 


As a beginner in investments and cryptocurrencies, it can create complexity for an individual’s mind. Hence, it can confuse you when trying to invest your money and funds for investments. Here are a few cryptos other than bitcoin where you can invest your money.