How To Keep Your Audience Hooked With Your Social Media Posts

The ultimate objective of your social media activity is to get your brand recognized. The transformation of a company into a brand takes a long journey. The emergence of social media has made things look easy for smaller companies. 


Know that your Facebook and Instagram platform is a creative platforms. You need to think of effective posting continuously. Otherwise, you won’t be successful with your social media activity. 


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  • Is this the reason your social media engagements are failing continuously? 

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In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways through which you can keep the audience hooked with social media posts. 

Getting The Audience Hooked

You will be amazed to know that the average time spent by an audience on a website is a mere 45 seconds! This might make you weak, don’t get disheartened; it is an average figure. 


But the truth that emerges from the data is that websites fail to keep the audience hooked on their websites. So, in response to the universal problem, we are discussing some of the ideas to arrest an audience and attraction. 

1. Discuss Company Culture

We post different stories to bind a rapport with the audience. Some stores are good, but most of them are useless, and this is a reality. This is why your website fails to touch the chords of the visitor’s heart. 


Give them something interesting. Why not discuss your company culture? Share your core beliefs, recruitment culture, and employee management with them. 


Try to get the attachment. Along with this, post events, parties, outings, lunches, successes, and failures. Keep an emotional angle. 

2. Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are also highly effective in holding your viewers’ attention. Here you can post blogs, but not the big ones; you have to post intelligently. 


For example, if you are launching some new products, use the countdown to raise the palpitation.


Use hashtags to post the stories so that it reaches the people who are searching for them. Hashtag postings make your post reach easy. 

3. Create Images And Graphics

Keep in mind that content posting with relevant pictures got 94% more vows compared to the posts that did not have pictures at all. 


Let’s continue with Instagram posts; you know that it is not much about writing your Instagram posts. What you have to focus more on are the pictures. Your pictures need to be highly bold and vibrant to raise a psychological engagement with the audience. 


This is important from the point of view of the attraction. However, it depends much on the stock images for graphics. They create monotony which is not good for your campaigns. 


Therefore, we recommend you use software like Canva to work on your colorful posts with a great deal of creativity. Hook your customers with creativity and color. That must be your ultimate motto. 

4. Implement Videos 

Videos are one of the most important elements when it comes to attracting customers. Adding video content to your posts creates great engagement. YouTube, therefore, did wonderfully well in generating business. 


Business campaigns in video form create the attachment and transform the leads into valid business. 


Therefore, take time to design meaningful videos. Posting videos is a great way to get success on social media. 

5. Share Articles You Find Interesting 

Sometimes we wonder what kind of article we share. We remain in two minds about whether to post the content or not. This turns out to be really problematic. 


If we keep dangling between posting or not posting, we really end up posting something rubbish! 


The only technique to decide this is finding your attachment. If you find a topic interesting, if it touches your inner chords, post it without further ado. This will definitely hook your audience.

Wrapping It

We cannot deny the fact that social media has gone on to become a great platform for creating engagement with the audience. 


However, one needs to work continuously with the posts. Follow the advice and recommendations above to make your post engaging and attractive.