How do you carry an electric skateboard?

Many skateboarders feel confused about how to carry their skateboards. Unlike an electric scooter or bike, you can’t lock an electric skateboard. Thus, you need to take it with you.

Backpacks are needed to carry the electric skateboard. This article will discuss various backpacks that will help you take the skateboard. Hopefully, it will help you know more about carrying an electric skateboard.

Criteria for suitable backpacks that will carry your electric skateboard:

1) Comfort level: 

It is the most important criterion when choosing a backpack to carry your skateboard.  An electric skateboard has a considerable amount of weight. Thus, taking it while on the bus or train is not a pleasant experience. 

Suitable backpacks need flexible straps and enough padding. You should not select a bag just because it looks fashionable. A fashionable backpack that can’t give comfort to your shoulder is not worth it.

2) Capacity: 

Your backpack should have enough capacity to carry your skateboard. Your bag should have multiple compartments.

Thus, the weight of an electric skateboard can be distributed appropriately to your shoulder by it. 


You should avoid the use of heavy backpacks. It will only add extra weight to your shoulder.

Mechanism of backpacks that carry the electric skateboard: 

The backpacks used to bring the skateboard are specially designed by the manufacturer. 

It consists of two strong buckle straps to carry your electric skateboard. It should have a large main compartment to carry your other important things. 

Top backpacks suitable to carry an electric skateboard. 

1) Dakine Mission 13 

Dakine Mission 13 is a good quality backpack to carry your e-skateboard. It is a perfect choice when you are traveling every day. 

Manufacturers use 600 D polyester material to make the components of this backpack.  It has some water-resistant ability. Thus, you can use it in the case of a light rainy environment.   

The shoulder straps of this backpack are great things about it. It has proper wideness. Thus, your shoulder will get adequate weight distribution from it. Yet, this backpack also has some flaws. It is not suitable to carry a heavy skateboard. 

2) Burton Day Hiker 12

It is another excellent backpack in the market to carry your skateboard. It has comfortable shoulder straps. Thus, the shoulder will not get hurt from it. It also provides you breathable backpack.

3) GoRide Tech 11 

GoRide Tech 11 is a splendid backpack for your electric skateboard.  This backpack can carry a skateboard that weighs up to around 20 pounds.

However,  this backpack does not have proper weight distribution.  Hence, your shoulder may feel hurt if you carry it for a long time.

4) Mackar 10 

Mackar 10 is another excellent backpack choice to carry your skateboard. 

It has enough fittings. Thus, you can carry any skateboard with this backpack.

It has good shoulder straps that will provide comfort to your shoulder. Its front pocket has enough storage. Hence, you can keep your small essential items like keys and mobile phone in it. This backpack is also water-resistant.  So, you can also use it on a rainy day.

5) EastSport 9 

It is a solid backpack to carry your skateboard. It also has good shoulder straps. Hence, it will not hurt your shoulder. 

This backpack also has water resistance. Thus, you can use it in a rainy environment.

6)YYST 8 

It is an excellent pick for you if you have a moderate budget. This backpack can carry any skateboard, whether it’s slim or oversized. However, it has no extra space to carry small items. 

7) Iwonder 7 

It is another magnificent pick for you. This backpack can carry skateboards that weigh up to 15 pounds. Thus, it is suitable to carry heavy skateboards.

8)Rollie Pack 6  

It is an excellent backpack that you can get after spending only $44. You will not look bulky while wearing it.  

It has high-quality shoulder straps that prevent your shoulder from getting hurt. However,  it is not suitable for longboarding.

9) Ronyes 5 

It will give you enough space to store some other things. You can carry items like a laptop, cell phone, charger along with your skateboard with this backpack. 

It is also waterproof. Thus, you can utilize it even in the rain. Its waist strap will provide you with flexibility and stability during your movement. 

10) Simbow 3 

It is a stylish backpack to carry your electric skateboard. It has flexible straps that provide you with greater flexibility in your movement. 

11) Nike SB RPM 2

It is an excellent backpack for carrying an electric skateboard. It consists of curved shoulder straps that will protect your shoulder and back.

You can carry this backpack for hours, still, your shoulder will not feel hurt. This backpack is also capable of carrying a large amount of weight.

Manufacturers make this backpack from high-quality fabric. So, it is very durable. You can also carry your laptop along with your skateboard through it.

Conclusion :

In this article, we discuss several good-quality backpacks. You can select any one of them to carry your skateboard. We also mentioned the criteria for a good backpack.

You should remember those criteria while buying a backpack. We hope that this article will enhance your idea about carrying your electric skateboard. Thus, it will help you buy a proper backpack to carry your electric skateboard.