All You Need to Know About Polynomials

Mathematics as a subject is composed of various sub-branches like geometry, algebra, arithmetic, etc. In every topic related to mathematics, there is something new to learn about. Also, different topics are applied and used in different fields. The application of mathematics is seen in day-to-day life.

Mathematics as a subject plays an essential role in the life of students. They learn a lot of new things when they solve mathematical problems. Solving mathematical problems enhance problem-solving ability and decision-making.

Mathematics is one of the most interesting and popular subjects in the world. The origin of mathematics took place with the discovery of numbers from 1 to 9. Mathematics as a subject helps people to calculate and formulate important information.

Even in our academic curriculum, the most important subject which is an integral part of different fields is Mathematics. This subject is very interesting if one pays attention to it and practices all kinds of problems otherwise it can be a nightmare. One of the important topics taught under algebra in mathematics is polynomials. There are different degree of polynomials that are taught in the topic of polynomials. There are a lot of uses of algebra in the daily lives of people. 

Polynomials- an important topic of algebra: 

Though every topic that is taught in mathematics has its significance, algebra is one of the most important among them. The polynomials are taught under algebra. With the help of polynomials, calculations are made easier. It is regarded as an important topic of algebra that Is taught in schools. Polynomials are a part of both the secondary and higher education of a student. Thus students must know and learn about polynomials. Some of the important points regarding polynomials are as follows: 

Definition: Algebraic expressions consisting of coefficients and variables are known as polynomials. Polynomials can be added, subtracted, multiplied, and can also be divided. It is derived from the Greek word poly which means many and nomials which mean terms. Generally, polynomials have many terms but they are definite in number. 

Polynomials degree: The polynomial degree is expressed as the greatest degree within a polynomial. A polynomial expression that has one variable that has the greatest exponent is known as the degree of polynomials. 

Polynomial terms: The different parts of an expression that are usually separated with the use of signs like + or – are known as the terms of polynomials. Different parts of a polynomial in an expression are known as different terms. Each part represents a term in a polynomial expression. 

Different types of a polynomial: The polynomials are of different types depending upon the number of terms that it has. Generally, polynomials are divided into three types which are as follows 

1. Monomials: The expression which comprises only one term is known as monomials. The condition for a monomial is that the term that is present is a non-zero constant or variable. Some of the examples of a monomial are 3x, 5, 4x, or -6xy. 

2. Binomial: The algebraic expression that consists of two terms is known as binomials. The binomial can be termed as the difference or sum of monomials. Some of the examples of binomials are 5x – 3, 6y – 4, etc.

3. Trinomial: The algebraic expression which consists of three terms is popularly known as trinomial. Some of the examples of trinomials are 8x – 3y + 6, 4x -7x + 9. 

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