internet – Massage Milk apologizes for his practical joke

In a translation by ESWN:
I like to play pranks, but this time I did not want to play a prank on everybody, and I did not want to fool you. Therefore, it was not like you imagined, and it was not like what the foreign media imagined. I thank you for your concern, and I express my apologies to you here.

Yesterday a few weblogs ‘disappeared’ suggesting they were being blocked by the censor, but they basically fooled everybody. Not everybody was pleased on the Chinese internet:

I despise these two people who played a cruel political joke on decent people! You fucking attach too much importance to yourselves! You have totally forgotten who you are! And there was that fucking “unavoidable reason that everybody knows about”!You are pieces of messy dog turd! Do you know that your stupid joke can cause certain decent and simple people to get hurt!

I estimate that similar curses could be heard at the offices of Reuters, the BBC and Reporters Sans Frontier, who also thought this was for real. Seems that humor with Chinese characteristics is now a global feature.